This bagged pet vacuum is designed to deal with the added mess and stress that owning pets can put on your home. The airflow from the vacuum compresses the dirt and continually pushes it down, giving each bag increased capacity. Each bag features an origami design that offers optimised surface area and dust capacity.

Vacuum bags need to be sturdy in order to put up with the extra cleaning jobs that come with being a pawrent. We’ve strengthened the tops and sides of our bags to prevent tearing or ripping when in use and giving you cleaner and more hygienic disposal - the sealed lid stops any dust flying around!

Our bagged pet vacuums are designed to offer more convenient cleaning. The breathable layers of the bags filter out different grades of dust and debris to offer maximum capacity and durability. The tough exterior makes the bags easy to handle without ripping when you need to empty them and dispose of the dirt. A carbon layer helps neutralise smells for a fresher clean.

You don’t need to change bags as often as you think, as each bag holds up to 1.5L of compressed dirt and dust. The number of bags you’ll use depends on your household and cleaning schedule, but busy homes with pets and children use an average of just 10 bags per year. That’s down to the enhanced dust capacity and durability of the Pro K9’s bags, ideal for coarse pet hair.