Spotless Floors


The AirRam is specially designed for floor cleaning, with proven performance across a variety of surfaces. Our unique AirLOC technology∆ lifts large objects and debris, as well as fine dust, dirt and hair. The AirRam has a low profile handle that lets you clean underneath furniture, saving you the time and effort of reorganising your living room each time you vacuum.

Let there be light

We’ve added LED lights to these two vacuums to illuminate your cleaning area, leaving dirt and dust nowhere to hide. These lights are great when you’re cleaning underneath furniture or reaching to the back of bookshelves and between cupboards with the AirRam or Multi.

Simple to empty

Both the AirRam and Multi feature easy empty bins, designed to dispose of all that dirt, dust and debris efficiently. Our upright works to compress dirt - an ejector arm in the bin provides smooth disposal, helping you avoid the dust cloud. Our handheld vacuum has a simple latch mechanism, making emptying it straightforward.

Long runtime

You get 60 mins of uninterrupted high performance vacuuming with the Gtech System - 40 minutes to ensure that your floors are spotless and 20 mins for the sofa and bed. And if that's not enough, then you can add additional batteries