Do you or your parents use a broom to sweep the house daily? All that bending over isn't great for your back and all that dust kicked into the air can lead to lung and breathing difficulties in the long run. The Powersweeper is your new modern broom activated by foot and the dust gets locked away in the tray behind the brush bar. That's 2-0 to the Powersweeper!

It's lightweight and easy to operate, so there are no more excuses for not keeping your home clean and tidy. No more plugs to fumble with and no need to keep bending down to sweep the dust into a pan. Ideal for those with limited mobility, or for those with little time for cleaning!

On average you'll only need to charge this little machine once a week thanks to its 2 hour run time. And because it's fitted with a lithium battery, the power won't drain away when not in use. 3 lights let you know the status of battery life: Green for full charge, orange for 20% charge and red for 10% charge. Simple but effective.