SW22 Power Sweeper Features


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We've done away with bulky parts and tangled cables to make the SW22 lighter than ever, weighing in at just 1.4kg when fully assembled.

It's so light that you'll hardly know that you cleaning when you use the SW22 Power Sweeper!

Handheld cleaning


Truly versatile

Simply remove the guard and telescopic handle to convert this rechargeable floor and carpet sweeper into a perfectly balanced handheld for use on stairs and upholstery. The detachable duster is great for cleaning shelves too.

Edge cleaning


Don't miss a thing!

Even notoriously hard-to-clean skirting boards are no match for the SW22 Power Sweeper. Armed with a nylon brush bar and edge-sweeping brush, the SW22 effortlessly picks up dirt, dust and even pet hair from tight corners.

Compact storage


Perfect for clutter free homes

At the end of the job, your Power Sweeper won't be a pain to put away. When you've finished using the SW22, push the handle down for clutter-free storage.

Rechargeable & ecofriendly

120 minute runtime 

With a convenient fast charge stand, this Lithium sweeper is ready for use in 30 minutes and fully recharged in just 3 hours. We’ve designed this sweeper to have economical running costs, coming in at less than 5cents per full recharge. Alternatively, leave the sweeper docked and ready for next time…

Each charge gives you a whopping 2 hours of runtime!

Easy-empty dust tray


Low maintenance

You won't have to worry about bags or filters- the SW22 comes with an easy-to-empty 0.5 litre dust tray. Simply slide the tray from the head of the sweeper and tip the contents into the bin.

No settings to change and just a simple well designed brush head system that works on all floor types.