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Triple layered filter bag

The Pro’s vacuum bags are made up of three layers, offering convenient cleaning as well as a more hygienic vacuuming experience. The layers of the bags are breathable and filter different grades of dust and debris. This helps the Pro’s airflow compress the dirt more efficiently, giving you maximum capacity and durability.

Enhanced dirt capacity

This bagged pet vacuum is designed to deal with the added mess and stress that owning pets can put on your home. The airflow from the vacuum compresses the dirt and continually pushes it down, giving each bag increased capacity. Each bag features an origami design that offers optimised surface area and dust capacity. There’s more to these bags than meets the eye…

Avoid the dust cloud

Vacuum bags need to be sturdy enough to hold dirt and debris while you clean, and strong enough to avoid ripping or tearing during disposal. That’s why we’ve securely fused together the tops and sides of the Pro’s bags, helping you clean with confidence from start to finish.

How long will a bag last?

You don’t need to change bag as often as you think, as each holds up to 1.5L of compressed dirt and dust. The number of bags you’ll use depends on how many people live in your home, whether or not you have children and pets and your general cleaning schedule. Homes with pets and children, where cleaning is done 3 times a week, average just 10 bags a year. That’s down to the enhanced dust capacity and durability of the Pro bags.