Pro K9 Intro

Hygienic cleaning for busy homes

Homes with pets needs vacuums that work harder, which is why we’ve created the Gtech Pro K9. With hygienic bags for easier disposal and strengthened components to handle the added stress of pet hair, the Pro K9 offers a convenient cleaning solution.

Singapore Gtech pet vacuum

Bagged cordless pet vacuum with high powered brush head

Our lightweight bagged vacuum cleaner puts hygiene first when it comes to cleaning your home. The Gtech Pro K9 has a powered rotating brush bar designed to pick up pet hair from carpets and hard floors. Our unique AirLOC system lifts large debris as well as embedded dust and hair. With no filters to have to touch and maintain, and a triple layered bag between you and the dirt, the Pro K9 offers an alternative to messy waste disposal. Each new bag gives you a fresh start, so maintenance is kept to a minimum.