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Handheld cleaning



The Powerfloor is at home both on and off the floor as it easily converts to a handheld with a quick click. Use the variety of attachments to do the sofa, curtains, corners, cobwebs (!) or car. No need to bend down again and the extra long extension tube removes the need to climb on ladders to clean higher areas. The ideal choice for true floor to ceiling cleaning.

Did you know that the extension tube matched with dusting brush is ideal to clean your ceiling fan and AC unit?

Modular design


Over 20 combinations

The Powerfloor already comes with loads of attachments, but to get the most out of it, we recommend choosing the Powerfloor Xtra - this gives you an extra battery and a the Multi dust mite powerbrush so you can deep clean your mattress/ fabrics and remove 99.7% of dust mites! Add the flexible powerhose (the worlds first!) to really extend your reach and get into those awkward areas.

Not sure how to store it? We have you covered there as well - our Powerfloor stand is simple to assemble and you can place it anywhere! And if you have a car, then why not go all in and add the car kit as well for the ultimate package!

Low maintenance


Making life simpler

We try to make life easier for you which is why the Powerfloor is designed to be modular so its easier to clean - a twist here and a click there to remove the various parts that see wear and need maintenance. No need for any screwdrivers, pliars or coins to undo our kit. And if you need to replace any parts, we sell everything individually to save you money.

Our brushes, bins and filters are all washable.

Removable battery


Power on demand

Powered by removable 22V lithium-ion batteries, the Powerfloor Xtra gives you up to 40 minutes run-time, plenty of time to clean the house, mattress, sofa, ceiling fan.... A 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

40 mins not enough? Our batteries are removable, so you can swap the empty ones for a fully charged one to get 60 mins. No more having to dock your vacuum mid clean with Gtech Powerfloor!


Easy-empty bin


Keep your hands clean!

We have designed the Gtech Powerfloor dirt collection system to be easy to empty. Dirt and debris is released with a simple flip of a latch, letting you get back to enjoying your home. So easy you can empty after every clean!

The filter is triple woven and captures fine particles and dust mites (0.3 microns)

And the bin and filter are fully washable.

Powerful suction


Edge to edge cleaning

Our unique AirLOC technology effortlessly picks up large debris as you push the vacuum forwards and locks on the backstroke to suck up embedded dust and fine dirt. The Powerfloor's high-speed rotating brush bar makes it ideal for removing stubborn dirt and can be used on any floor surface.

EU standards recorded a staggering 113% of dirt and dust pick up in the crevice test!

No settings to change and just a simple well designed brush head system that works on all floor types.