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Modular design


No limits

The Multi comes with a whole host of attachments, but if that's not enough, did you know that you can also buy the Car Kit: mini flexible hose for side pockets, deep clean leather head and extra fine dusting brush for a scratch free dashboard. All packed in its own case!

Or you can choose the 1.5m powerhose, the worlds only flexible hose that delivers power to the motorised brush head! The must have addition for both the Multi and Powerfloor!

And if you really enjoy using the Multi then you can buy the upgrade kit and turn it into a Powerfloor!

Car cleaning


LED lights and a cleaner car

The Multi is ideal for those dark areas like your car interior. Small but powerful, plenty of attachments to handle the dashboard, foot wells, seats and boot. We try and make life easier, which is why we added an LED headlight to the Multi. It illuminates your cleaning area, making dirt and dust will be more visible and helping you vacuum more thoroughly.

Did you know that you can add the car kit and/or the powerhose to become a pro at cleaning? And that the Multi was voted best car vacuum by UK magazine Whatcar?

Hygienic brush head


Dust mites be gone!

The Multi comes with a high powered motorised brush head as standard which spins at 3,000 RPM ensuring a deep massaging clean - independent tests show that is consistently removes 99.7% of dust mites. If you have allergies, asthma or eczema, then removing dust mites should be an essential part of your cleaning routine. These nasty microscopic bugs live in your fabric and your bed can be home to over 10 million of them!

The Multi is a hit in Taiwan where they use it to remove bed bugs and dust mites from mattresses!

Quick clean ups


No excuses!

Mess happens, it's part of life. The Multi is designed to be powerful enough to pick up day to day dirt, whilst being small enough for quick clean ups. No more fumbling with the big machine, just grab and go with the Multi! With its 36cm extension tube you can clean the skirting board up to the fan, whilst the dusting brish is ideal for shelves, desks and keyboards. And the crevice tool lets you get down to the fine detail.

Did you know that the crevice tool is stored in the handle for easy access? So smart!


Removable battery


No need for docking station

Powered by a removable 22V lithium-ion battery, the Multi gives you up to 20 minutes run-time per charge, plenty of time to clean for quick clean ups, doing your car or cleaning your mattress. A 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

20 mins not enough? Our batteries are removable, so you can swap the empty one for a fully charged one to get 40 mins. No more having to dock your vacuum mid clean with Gtech!

Easy-empty bin


Cleaner hands

We have designed the Gtech Multi dirt collection system to be easy to empty. Dirt and debris is released with a simple flip of a latch, letting you get back to enjoying your home. So easy you can empty after every clean!

The filter is triple woven and captures fine particles and dust mites (0.3 microns)

And the bin and filter are fully washable.