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Why choose a bagged vacuum?

Bagged v bagless

  You still get the same performance cleaning versus a bagless vacuum, but they’re more efficient because they don’t have a cyclone bin that uses additional power.

  Our breathable bags are more environmentally friendly, as there is no need to use a plastic bag each time you empty your vacuum like you would with a bagless vacuum.

  Bags used to be expensive and were a pain to buy. With Gtech, you can enjoy affordable replacement bags that can be delivered straight to your home. A pack of x15 hygienic HyLite Bags costs just $30 and will last for over a year.

  Household dirt contains grease, so it sticks to plastic surfaces and builds up inside bagless vacuums over time. With a bagged vacuum, the dirt container is re-lined with a clean bag every time you change it, helping it last longer.

  There are no dirty filters to clean or replace - just a bag (that acts as a filter) that you simply remove and throw away when full. Plus, our bags are triple layered to filter and trap dirt, and rip resistant to reduce the risk of a dust cloud, making a bagged vacuum more hygienic and perfect for allergy sufferers.

  Refuse sites are full of bagless vacuum cleaners that have not been taken care of, as they often require more time and effort to maintain. That’s the problem with over complicated technology operating in a dirty environment - if you don’t look after it properly, it doesn’t last very long.

Triple layered bags designed to last

Our triple layered bags deliver an impressive enhanced capacity, with the vacuum’s airflow compressing the dust and debris so that each bag can actually hold up to 3 times its volume of dirt. The 3 layers are designed to be robust and rip resistant, helping you clean with confidence and offering simpler disposal. Average home use is 7-15 bags a year. Replacement hygienic HyLite Bags are available to order online for only $30 per pack of 15.