Keep your hands clean!

We have designed the Gtech Powerfloor K9 bin system to be easy to empty. Dirt and pet hair is released with a simple flip of a latch, letting you get back to enjoying your fur free home! So easy you can empty after every clean - plus, the bin and filter are fully washable.

We made the bin detachable so you don't have to carry the whole vacuum to empty it!

Pet smells be gone!

We’ve added lightly scented filter cartridges to keep your home smelling clean and fresh - which can be a challenge in this heat with a four legged friend! We also want to make things easier, which is why the Powerfloor K9 comes with a spare filter. Clean without disruptions and have a spare to hand for any last minute jobs.

Each filter should last 12-18 months with normal use and the tabs last 2 months each (you get 6 with the machine).

Built to last

We’ve designed the Powerfloor K9 to clean your entire home, as well as your car. It’s been strengthened with aluminium components to deal with the added strain that pet hair from our four legged friends can place on a vacuum.

Thermal damage caused by tangled pet hair can significantly reduce the life of normal vacuum. The Peowerfloor K9 solves that issue with its plate of armour!

Flexible power

Powered by a removable 22V lithium-ion battery, the Multi gives you up to 20 minutes run-time per charge, plenty of time to clean for quick clean ups, doing your car or cleaning your mattress. A 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

20 mins not enough? Our batteries are removable, so you can swap the empty one for a fully charged one to get 40 mins. No more having to dock your vacuum mid clean with Gtech!

let there be light!

If you've never vacuumed with LED lights before then you;re in for a treat. It may sound like a gimmick, but having that extra light really lets you pick out the dirt and dust, especially underneath furniture. And when you have a pet it becomes doubly useful - think of of dark fabrics or trying to clean up at night, or even in the car where it always seems to dark.

Seeing where its dirty means you'll spend less time vacuuming and more time enjoying life with your four legged friend.

Best in class

Our unique AirLOC technology effortlessly picks up large debris as you push the vacuum forwards and locks on the backstroke to suck up embedded dust and fine dirt. The Powerfloor K9's high-speed rotating brush bar makes it ideal for removing stubborn pet hair/ kibble/ kitty litter and can be used on any floor surface.

No settings to change, no different brush heads to change, just high airlfow (38CFM), a 3,000 RPM brush head and powerful suction to remove all your worries! The Powerfloor K9 is able to collect fine particles and dust mites with ease, making it the favourite for anyone with a pet.