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Handheld cleaning



The Pro K9 is at home both on and off the floor as it easily converts to a handheld with a quick click. Use the variety of attachments to do the sofa, curtains, corners, cobwebs (!) and car. We know that pet hair can get everywhere which is why we designed something that can be used on all surfaces.

No more fur on the sofa and great at capturing dander as well so you can sleep easy! Did we mention that 99.7% of dust mites will be removed as well?

Scented tabs


Pet smells be gone!

We’ve added lightly scented filter cartridges to keep your home smelling clean and fresh - which can be a challenge in this heat with a four legged friend! Add a burst of freshness to your room every time you vacuum withe Pro K9.

Each scented tabs last 2 months and you get 5 with your machine.

Stronger and brighter


Cats Eyes and Armour

We’ve designed the Pro K9 to clean your entire home, as well as your car. It’s been strengthened with aluminium components to deal with the added strain that pet hair from our four legged friends can place on a vacuum.

Thermal damage caused by tangled pet hair can significantly reduce the life of normal vacuum. The Pro K9 solves that issue with its plate of armour!

The addition of LED lights means you can spot the dirty areas easily and reduce the time spent vacuuming. Extra time that you can spend with your furry friend instead!

Disposable Carbon Bags


Hygienic carbon enriched bags

Our K9 bags have a carbon enriched inner layer to help trap and neutralise smells from the dirt and pet hair that’s collected. Thanks to their design, you won’t see or touch the dirt and dust as you dispose of it. The bags go straight into your bin, keeping your hands, and the surrounding area, clean.

Did you know that bagged vacuums are more effective in the fight against allergens? If you suffer with dander or asthma then you're better to choose a bagged machine over bagless for easier breathing.

Removable 40min Battery


Long runtime

We’ve powered this vacuum with a 22V Lithium-ion battery, which fully charges in just 4 hours. With 2 power settings to choose from, you’re in control of how you clean.

Choose our ‘Eco’ mode for up to 40 minutes of runtime* or ramp it up with ‘Max’ mode for up to 20 minutes*. There’s a 4-stage LED indicator on the battery, showing how much charge is left.

Not enough? No problem. As our batteries are removable, you can simply purchase a spare to extend your runtime up to 80 mins.

Powerful suction


Edge to edge cleaning

Our unique AirLOC technology effortlessly picks up large debris as you push the vacuum forwards and locks on the backstroke to suck up embedded dust and fine dirt. The Pro K9's high-speed rotating brush bar makes it ideal for removing pet hair and can be used on any floor surface. And because it's bagged, you get more power as there's no loss of efficiency like a bagless/ cyclone vacuum.

No settings to change and just a simple well designed brush head system that works on all floor types - apart just don't use it to vacuum your furry friend!