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Keep your hands clean!

We have designed the Gtech AirRam dirt collection system to be easy to empty. As you clean, dirt is collected and compressed into a capsule in the head of the vacuum. Simply remove the bin from the head, flip the lid and it's emptied with a simple slide of the ejector arm.

No more messing with paper bags full of dust and there are only 3 parts to the bin and filter assembly to clean - all 3 are fully washable!

Let there be light!

If you've never vacuumed with LED lights before then you're in for a treat. No gimmicks here, just something that is practical and effective. You'll never miss a spot of dust or dirt again and can easily see what's lurking under the sofa.

Let the light into your life and you'll never look back!

Cordless wonder

Powered by a removable 22V lithium-ion battery, the AirRam gives you up to 40 minutes run-time on one 4-hour charge, long enough to clean the average house twice. A 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

40 mins not enough? Our batteries are easily removable, so you can swap the empty one for a fully charged one to get 80 mins. No more having to dock your vacuum mid clean with Gtech!