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Modern homes that are low on space (and time) need one machine that can do everything. Enter the Gtech Power Floor - a versatile, hardworking multitasker. Clean from floor to ceiling with the stick vacuum that transforms into a handheld.

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Powerfloor K9 Questions
How powerful is it?
Extremely! The Powerfloor K9 is one the best stick vacuums on the market - and pretty much the only one designed for pet owners. High airflow (36CFM/ 17 L/S), a 3,000 RPM brush bar and our uniquer AirLOC system creates powerful suction which deep cleans your carpets and leaves your hard floors spotless - no more pet hair!!!!

How long does the battery last?
A full charge gives you 20 minutes on max power. We only have one power setting (max) because we don't want you to waste more of your time going over the same spot again and again on a low or medium setting. However, our batteries are removable and if you buy the Xtra then you get 2 x batteries which means 40 mins of high power runtime! Do note that runtimes can vary slightly depending on surfaces.

How long does it take to charge?
It takes 3.5-4 hrs if the battery is completely empty. You can always top up the battery without having to wait for it to fully deplete as our batteries are high grade li-ion from LG.

How heavy is it?
The Powerfloor weighs just 2.5kg, one of the lightest on the market and it glides on its rollers to lighten the feel even more.

How do I care for the filter?
Dust the filter each week (just a shake to get rid of excess dirt) and give it a full wash every 3-4 weeks in water (can add a little dish soap if it’s filthy). It is important to let it dry FULLY before using – this can take 24 hours. IMPORTANT: do not leave to dry in direct sunlight as this will warp the filter.

What is the life of the battery?
We cannot control how you use the battery, but as a guide and if charging per operating manual, we expect it to remain at optimum quality for 500 cycles. After this you may see a 15% drop in efficiency rating.
Shipping & Warranty
We aim to deliver your purchase within 2 working days and have 2 time slots (10am-6pm and 6pm-10pm). Timings may differ during public holidays.

Your machine is under warranty for 2 years, and the battery 1 year - please visit our warranty section for more information.
What's the difference between the models?
Powerfloor K9: comes with the main unit, crevice tool, charger, small dusting head, soft cushion/curtain head, powerfloor head, extension tube, 2 batteries.

Powerfloor K9 Xtra: comes with the main unit, crevice tool, charger, small dusting head, soft cushion/curtain head, powerfloor head, extension tube, 2 batteries, PLUS motorised anti dust mite head.

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Save 49% ($419.99) $429.00

Choose your Powerfloor K9 model + extras
Choose your Powerfloor K9 model + extras

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