Why is my dog scared of the vacuum? Tips to help your dog overcome its fear of the vacuum

April 05, 2018 3 min read

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Your fearless pup turns into a scaredy cat whenever you take out the vacuum cleaner. Here’s what you can do to help it get used to this essential household appliance.

As a proud paw-rent, you can’t live without your vacuum cleaner to keep your home and furnishing free of fur. However, your dog might not feel the same way. Signs that dogs are afraid include barking or attacking the device, drooling, urinating on it or trying to hide away whenever you take it out.

While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why your brave dog is scared without a professional consultation with a vet, there are a few common reasons that cause this behaviour. They include: 

  1. The sound of the vacuum may bother a dog’s ears (which are more sensitive to sound compared to humans). Some vacuum cleaners also kick up a cloud of dust, which could irritate your dog’s nose.
  2. If it has never seen a vacuum cleaner before, the size and movement of the machine could scare the dog.
  3. It could also be your dog’s natural herding instinct kicking in as it attempts to keep this wayward “creature” in line.

Here are 4 common techniques you can try to desensitise your dog to the vacuum so you can keep your home clean with minimal fuss.

Separate your dog

If the sound is bothering your dog, place him in a separate room when the vacuum is running so that it is kept away from the source that is causing it stress. This also helps to muffle the sound so it isn’t as jarring, which can help to get it accustomed to the device.

charles-deluvio-351207-unsplash Gtech Vacuum Cleaner K9

Build up exposure gradually

Begin just by placing the vacuum in the same room as your dog without running it. This can help your dog to view it in a non-threatening manner. You can run the vacuum for short periods of time, slowly increasing the duration as your pet grows comfortable around it.

Have plenty of treats on hand

It never hurts to have a steady supply of your dog’s favourite treats available as you train it to get used to the vacuum cleaner. This will help your dog form positive associations, so it will slowly learn that the vacuum is nothing to fear.

Gtech Vacuum Cleaner roberto-nickson-g-446008-unsplash

Use a pet-friendly vacuum

A vacuum cleaner that has been built specially for homes with pets can help you get the chore of cleaning up completed more efficiently and help you complete your chores quicker.

Gtech’s K9 range of vacuums are designed to pick up debris without kicking up a cloud of dust (which can irritate both pets and humans alike). They are also designed with strengthened components which help withstand the strain that coarser pet hair places on regular vacuums. Plus, the K9 vacuums have replaceable scented tabs to keep your space smelling fresh and free of doggy odours.

Gtech AirRam Multi Powerfloor K9 Vacuum Cleaner

Do remember that training your dog takes time and patience so keep at it with plenty of tender loving care and you will see results with time. You will then be able to keep your home free of fur and odours without having to worry about a distressed pet. Good luck!

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