Top 5 tips for taking care of your car like a pro in Singapore!

March 31, 2018 3 min read

Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash. Gtech Singapore

Cars can collect quite a bit of dirt and rubbish, so how do you clean your car like a pro to ensure it retains its value? 

Kids, dogs or a trip to the beach – whatever your lifestyle, your car accumulates all kinds of dirt, but staying on top of dirt and grime is easy with the right equipment and a few tips from us.

1. Remove all rubbish and personal items

First remove all personal items and rubbish from the car. Take this opportunity to check your glove box, holders and door pockets and clear the clutter – as at home, if you haven't used it lately, then remove it permanently. Don't forget to remove floor mats and vacuum them before you start cleaning the interior.

2. Vacuum it thoroughly

Next is vacuuming. You will need a vacuum cleaner with good suction to get into those corners as well as versatile attachments that aren’t too heavy to use. A handheld is ideal as it’s a pain to lug a large corded vacuum to the carpark… and then you’ll need to find a power point! Near impossible in an open-air HDB carpark.

Using the right tool will make your life easier. We recommend using a lightweight, cordless vacuum such as the Gtech Multi. Weighing just 1.6kg with a 20-minute run-time, you’ll easily clean the day-to-day mess and hard to reach spots.

The car accessory kit also helps make life easier. Start vacuuming from the top down using the soft dusting brush. This attachment has long soft bristles that make it ideal for cleaning all the corners of your dash and vents. It's also gentle enough to clean displays and stereos.

Use the flexible crevice tool to get into all the spaces that normal vacuum cleaners cannot reach. Clean between the door pockets and seats – not forgetting to move the seats back to make sure nowhere is missed. If you have pets, the Gtech Multi K9 is built with tougher components to pick up the coarser pet hair.

Gtech Multi K9 Car Accessory Kit

3. Clean your upholstery and dashboard

Next, clean the upholstery and dashboard. The upholstery tool is designed for the precision cleaning of car upholstery; it is just 50mm wide making it more suitable for the shape and folds of car seats. Don't forget to give your dashboard a wipe with some cleaner: these add a nice sheen whilst protecting the surface from the sun. No more cracked or discoloured dashboards!

With your upholstery, make sure you use the right cleaner depending on whether you have leather or cloth. Also make sure to clean a mess when it happens to prevent stains from setting in.

Photo by Emil Vilsek on Unsplash. Gtech Singapore.

4. Make it smell nice too

A car should look good but also smell good. An old-school Singaporean method is to place a bundle of pandan leaves under the rear window for a natural, pleasant smell. There are other options including air fresheners (liquid or hanging) or spraying a deodoriser.

If you have a pet then the Gtech Multi K9 is an excellent way to ensure odours don't make your car smelly. The Multi K9 has replaceable floral scented tabs that fit into its filter to leave your car smelling clean and fresh.

5. Wash and polish your car

If you're thinking about selling your car, something as simple as giving it a regular wash and a good polish with quality wax is worth it. Experts in the car sales industry all agree – that layer of dirt on your car or the grubby interior sends potential buyers the message that you didn't properly care for your car, and that could cost you big money.

Once you've mastered the techniques for keeping your car clean and have invested in a vacuum cleaner that can do the job, you will not only save on expensive professional detailing, but you will help your car to retain its value whilst also being a pleasure to drive.