The award-winning Gtech vacuums cleaners from the UK are finally in Singapore!

March 27, 2018 2 min read

The award-winning Gtech vacuums cleaners from the UK are finally in Singapore!

We are proud to announce that the best-selling vacuum cleaners from the UK are finally in Singapore. Gtech have sold over 20 million vacuum cleaners around the world to date and has even outsold Dyson in the UK!

Word is getting out in Singapore and we’ve been covered by Hardwarezone, Singapore Women’s Weekly and expect more to come.

Our range of vacuum cleaners were created with the user in mind: we’ve married clean design with clever engineering. You’ll find many features that make you go “Why didn’t brand X or Y think about this?”.

This includes lights in front of the vacuum so you can see under the sofa and a removable battery (with a power level indicator) so you can charge it without a docking station.

The launch range include these three models. 


The best-selling model is the Gtech AirRam, an upright vacuum cleaner. Weighing in at 3.2kg, the AirRam is easy to use. It goes from carpet to hard floor with no settings to change. The removable battery gives you 40 minutes of runtime on a four-hour charge. Emptying the dust compartment is also very easy. Dust is compacted into a bale that is emptied with a push of the lever.

Gtech AirRam


The Multi is our handheld vacuum. At 1.6kg, it’s perfect for quick cleanups, accessing hard-to-reach places (crevices, your ceiling fan, etc) and for vacuuming your mattresses and sofas. The removable battery gives you 20 minutes of use for each four-hour charge.

The optional car accessory kit gives you tools to keep your car in tip-top shape. What Car? Magazine in the UK liked it so much they awarded it the Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in 2017, beating other brands such as Dyson and Hoover.      

Power Floor

A best-seller in Taiwan owing to its versatility, the Power Floor combines the convenience of a handheld with an attachment that turns it into an upright vacuum. It has the same great features as the Multi and AirRam, including a removable battery, useful attachments, the roatating brush head and an easy-to-empty dust compartment.


K9 models for pet owners

Each of the abovementioned models has a K9 variant, specially engineered for pet owners. What are the differences? Pet hair is coarser than regular human hair and damages regular vacuum cleaners. We’ve built the K9 models with strengthened aluminium components to stand up to the strain pet hair places on vacuums.

We all know that pets can leave behind odours: wet dog smell anyone? That’s why the K9 models all come with a refillable scented tab in the filter. This helps freshen your home while you clean.

Check out the K9 range via these hyperlinks:

AirRam K9
Multi K9
Power Floor K9