A more convenient way to own a Gtech!

October 08, 2020 2 min read

A more convenient way to own a Gtech!

  Have you ever been browsing through a website and found something awesome, added it to your cart and then agonised over the price for weeks or months on end because it was too much in one go? We hear you. 

Or maybe, you've found that amazing item but can't complete your purchase because the website doesn't accept debit cards? We hear you. 

How about this; you've found the one thing that will make a difference in your life, but you can't afford it. We hear you. 

We've all been there and we've all sat there staring at the screen, card in hand, hesitating at checkout wondering if we can afford the dream...

Well, we have great news for you. Now you can! All thanks to our new partnership with Hoolah, a homegrown Singapore payment company that encourages responsible affordability by offering a very simple and convenient solution - Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL). No strings attached, no interest, no special credit cards required – all you need is a Visa/ Mastercard, credit or DEBIT card, an email address and a mobile phone number. If you have these, then you can enjoy our new instalment plan that spreads the cost over 3 months.



That's right, you can now buy anything on our store and split the cost into 3 monthly payments - all at 0% interest! Here's a quick example assuming you'd like to buy the Powerfloor for $449 (which is awesome by the way!) and how it works:


  1. Select the Powewrfloor and add to the cart.
  2. Checkout as normal, but use the Hoolah payment option and this will help divide the total amount into 3 interest free instalments ($149.66 x 3).
  3. You will then be asked to share more about yourself and enter your credit/ debit card details and the first instalment ($149.66) will be deducted upon checkout. The remaining balance will be deducted automatically in months 2 and 3.
  4. You will receive a reminder email each month prior to the due to date of deduction.

It really is that simple, and all at no additional cost to you. Your goods will be despatched as normal (within 2 working days) and your warranty is unaffected as it’s directly with us. Now you know!



What are you waiting for? Head back to our homepage page here to choose your new Gtech – and only pay 1/3 today!

Curious about Hoolah: www.hoolah.co