6 vacuum cleaning tips to win the battle against pet fur

April 07, 2018 2 min read

6 vacuum cleaning tips to win the battle against pet fur

You love your pets, but the hair and fuzz they seem to shed non-stop? Probably not so much. These vacuuming tips will help you keep your home neat, clean and free of unwanted fur. 

  1. Vacuum in different directions

Direct the vacuum over the floor, carpets and furniture upholstery in a few different directions as pet hair can get embedded in the fabric at different angles. This will allow your vacuum to pick up as much shedded hair as possible.

  1. Vacuum frequently

It is best to vacuum your home about two to three times a week to prevent pet hair from getting deeply lodged into your furniture and accumulate in hard to reach corners. A lightweight yet effective vacuum, like those from Gtech’s K9 range, will make your housekeeping tasks less of a chore and lets you get the job done quickly too.

Gtech Multi K9 Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Pick the right attachments

Using the appropriate specialised attachments can make a huge difference. A crevice tool works wonders in tight corners, stairs and around carpet edges while the brush tool is great for windows, bookshelves and other decorative objects around your home. Some vacuum cleaners also have brush heads that are specifically made for cleaning upholstery and bedding. With the right attachments, you won’t have to keep switching between your vacuum and other cleaning accessories such as cloths or cleaning gloves.

  1. Keep the filter clean

When your vacuum filter gets clogged up, it becomes more difficult to suck up fur, pet dander and other dust particles effectively. A dirty filter can also cause your vacuum to overheat more quickly. So do remember to clean your filter, brushes and hoses regularly to keep your vacuum functioning at 100 per cent. 

  1. Use a pet-friendly vacuum

Did you know that pet hair is coarse and could wreak havoc on regular vacuums? It’s not just marketing talk – vacuum cleaners that are designed specially for households with pets can be more effective at picking up pet hair and will also last longer than regular vacuum cleaners.

 Gtech AirRam K9 Vacuum Cleaner Singapore

Gtech’s K9 vacuum cleaners are strengthened with aluminium parts to resist the damage that fur can cause on the machinery. They also have a unique AirLoc technology that is strong enough to suck up embedded hairs as well as larger pieces of debris like furballs.

  1. Empty out your vacuum bin

To prevent your vacuum from emitting an unpleasant pet odour, do empty out the bin or bag regularly instead of letting the dirt and dust accumulate. If your vacuum does not come with replaceable scented tabs, you can sprinkle one tablespoon of baking soda into the bag to help absorb unwanted smells.

Gtech AirRam Multi Powerfloor K9 Singapore Vacuum Cleaner

Try out these easy vacuuming techniques now to give your home a thorough cleaning with the minimum amount of fuss and trouble!

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